Expungement/Record Restriction

Even being wrongfully arrested for a crime can cause negative collateral consequences to a person. This is particularly true in the world we live in today with easy internet access and the distribution of information throughout the internet. We work with our clients to minimize the collateral consequences of any arrest and criminal charge. We understand the long-term benefits of pretrial diversion, firstoffender statutes, and other similar methods of reducing the collateral consequences of a criminal charge. Simply getting a case dismissed is often not enough because the arrest remains in the public domain. In addition to seeking the best possible resolution of a criminal charge for our clients, we also work to minimize the long-term effects of a criminal case on our clients’ lives. We also work with individuals who had a criminal event well in their past to see whether we can now, years later, reduce the impact that charge has on their employment, access to student loans, and the many other things in everyday life that a criminal charge can negatively impact.